Spring Camp Tour ’17: Dripping Springs Tigers

Next up on our Spring Camp ’17 Tour – Dripping Springs Football, for the very 1st day of practice at the brand new (and beautiful) Tiger Stadium!  iReporter Izzie Gurrereo and Snupe Daniel collaborated on this look our the 2016 State 5A Division Quarterfinalist.   Includes highlights from Trevor Greenman, Jake Cox, Taylor Ponton and more!  Plus words with Josh Embry, Brit Howeth, Curt Raymond, Zach Murray, Camden Beaty, Lance Milan and head coach Galen Zimmerman!  This is TPD coverage ‘like no one else’.

NEXT UP: The Tigers take their 7×7 College Stations aspirations to Lake Travis on Saturday, May 20th, to compete in the Cavaliers State Qualifying Tournament (LTSQT).  Stay tuned…

Special S/O to new Tigers iReporter Izzie Guerrero (’18) on taking the Fanstand torch from Stonebarger Award winners Izzy Cherry/Kylie Ballard.  Our TPD coverage (along with our friends at KDRP-Sun Radio) is in great hands once again.