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Elgin Wildcats Mixtape (Week Nine v. East View)

Elgin Football is in the thick of the 19-5A playoff race!  After scoring a convincing win versus East View (42-19 over the Patriots), Wildcat Nation is getting fired up.  iReporter Delaney Webb braved the cold to help present our latest Elgin recap mixtape.  Featuring post game with Ben Langfornd, De’Clayvin Simmons, Ty McFarlin and Ethan Owens.  Packed with big plays from Jerome Wreh, Xavier Nuells, Froilan Gaspar, Mike Price, Jonathan Gonzales and more – this is Elgin Athletics covered ‘like no one else’!

NEXT UP: Elgin (3-5, 3-3) holds destiny in their hands as they hit the road versus Rouse (3-5, 2-4).  Stay tuned…