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Hutto Hippos Mixtape (Week Twelve @ Brenham)

Bi-district champions!  Hutto Football continues to showcase their immense talent, defeating a powerful Brenham Cubs program (33-21, Hippo win).  iReporters Tavian Miles and Taylor Valdez made the trip to capture highlights for our latest Hutto recap mixtape.  Featuring huge plays from Caleb Forrest, Chux Nwabuko, Chase Griffin, Hagen Knapp, Johnathon Mitchell, Jerad Herrick, DJ Baptist – and a bevy of post game victory shout outs.  This is Hippo Nation coverage ‘like no one else’.

NEXT UP: Hutto (10-1) looks to keep in going this Friday night, against A&M Consolidated (9-2).  Stay tuned…