Fanstand ’17 Stonebarger Awards (iReporter Superlatives and District Honors)

The cream of the ground troop crop. Our '17 awards for iReporting excellence.

Ground troops.  Huge shout (and thank you) to all of our area correspondents, but this article showcases the iReporters who displayed broadcasting/journalism excellence in 2017.  Here are your Stonebarger Award winners.


CO-HUFFMAN AWARD (Senior MVP): Kate Callihan (’18), Westlake

Entering her 3rd season, Kate had already filmed a State Championship, Summer 7×7 and filled in for dozens of other programs as our lead regional correspondent. Callihan churned out over 20 memorable mixtapes between camps, 7×7 and the Chaps 6A State Final Four run. She has hoops and baseball ahead, but her work with Westlake Football (and assistance on other schools) earned her a unanimous Huffman Award selection.  Check out Kate’s collection of 2017 mixtapes for hours of fun viewing.

CO-HUFFMAN AWARD (Senior MVP): Mackenzie Bretz (’18), Cedar Park

Bretz took over a coveted CPFB iReporter role beginning in Spring Camp of ’17. Her journey took her to College Station for Cedar Park’s first State 7×7 tournament since ’09, continued thought a well-fought 19-5A championship and through to the Regional Semifinals. With a nod to Sierra Laughlin and company, Kenzie endured the long season and captured some of our litty-est mixtapes of the season.

CO-HUFFMAN AWARD (Senior MVP): Izzie Guerrero (’18), Dripping Springs

Filling the large shoes of the talented Kylie Ballard, Guerrero exceeded expectations every week. Her team-first attitude helped us cover the Tigers, even though they were outside our general ATX districts (26-5A). Assisted along the way by Maverick Walker and friends, Izzie’s mixtapes were the weekly favorite when aired at school to hype Drip up for the upcoming game. All the while, she juggled and excelled at cross country running for the school.

MURILLO AWARD (Top Junior iReporter): Haley Ohlen (’19), Bowie

Trained under iReporter legend Maggie Murray and film-schooled by Alan Galbreath, Haley combined her teachings with her own unique flair – resulting in a school-wide friendly mixtape each week. Coupled with her highlights, Hales properly shined light on Bowie cheer, drill team, student section and others. Her recaps were certainly ‘like no one else’.

CHALMERS AWARD (Top Frosh iReporter): Ikey Kohler (’21), LBJ

Don’t let Ikey’s quiet demeanor fool you. He’s LBJ’s iReporter version of Deon Collins. Just like Collins, Ikey made his Varsity debut as a freshman, and has already made his mark as one of our very best. His social media savvy, knowledge for the game and unrivaled work ethic makes us proud to call him a member of the Fanstand Fam for 3 more seasons.  Check out Ikey’s first season of mixtape submissions!

HENSLEY AWARD (Social Media Excellence): Katie Jaillet (’19), Round Rock

Katie debuted as a wide eyed sophomore during the Dragons’ ’16 State Quaterfinals run. She bloomed into one of our very best during junior year – covering teams via social media video/pics in a way that could compete with adults doing the same job. Sky is the limit for this Twitter reporting star. Special shout out to senior Rylie York for her outstanding mixtape work.

BARKER AWARD (Dual Sports/iReporter Role): Annie Stadthaus (’20), Vandegrift

Debuting as a freshman for Vandegrift baseball Spring ’17, Annie juggled studies, football and being a First Team All 25-6A Sophomore for Southall’s volleyball district champs. With a full semester of hoops and baseball ahead, we’ll be able to steal the talented Stadthaus before she goes about here Division I athlete ways. TBH, She can pursue any career she desires.  Check out Annie’s early work (with the help of filmer, Greg Meador).

LUCERO AWARD (Radio Excellence): Riley Peterson (’18), Vista Ridge

Riley’s VR mixtapes were always fun – but if you didn’t hear her on the radio, you missed one of Ms. Peterson’s most shining talents. Blessed with a smooth tone and natural conversational way of reporting, her Ranger quarterly updates on-air was a big reason for our station’s uptick in radio ratings during Fanstand’s time slot. With polish, we can see her reporting on the college level.

HANEY AWARD (Newcomer): Emily England (’20), Georgetown

Replacing the Drummond Twins’ Four Year run was bound to be met with scrutiny.  That didn’t phase England.  Emily’s creative eye for detail is already at an advanced level among her iReporting peers. Just take a glance at one of her 14 EFND mixtapes.  True blue to the heart, the Super Soph represents everything Georgetown, skyrocketing up the chart as one of our top correspondents. To say we’ve yet to see the best from England is a scary joyous thought. Grab your popcorn.

ML AWARD (Video Production Excellence): Chloe Hatfield (’18), Rouse

In a world of immediate gratification, its tough for iReporters to dedicated time to shooting AND editing film, but that’s just what Ms. Hatfield undertook for two seasons. On top of her increased managerial team duties, ‘the real Chloe K’ kept it 100 with memorable installments highlighting both the football and State Finalist volleyball team. A full three year correspondent veteran, it will be tough to fill her shoes going forward.  Check out Chloe’s collection of ’17 mixtapes, here.

BUFFLER AWARD (Longevity, Consistency): Karisa Davila (’18), Crockett

Four years in the making, Davila hopped on as a freshman after Ashleigh Garces. She was one of the most consistent iReporters on our team from ’15-’17, tackling social media, radio and mixtapes every week, without fail (a tough feat in today’s multitasking teen world). The Cougars rewarded her with a trip to the bi-district playoffs her senior year. Her Cougar mixtapes told the story of the season well.  We might see some more Davila during hoops season – stay tuned….

KOWAL AWARD (Best Midseason Addition): Laney Lyssy (’20), Lake Travis

While casually training during Summer 7×7, when Laney was called into iReporting duty full time midseason, she shined. Thrust onto the sidelines, her footage improved each week, and will set the tone for our Cavaliers mixtape series over the next two seasons (alongside Audrey Harrisberger & Ginger Baldwin).

RAVENSCROFT AWARD (Parental Guidance MVP): Sheila Parodi, Lake Travis

Mom of Nathan, Shelia came up clutch countless times for the Fanstand fam over the course of 2017. From lending a camera, to training iReporters, to lending a helping hand/word – all while excelling in her own lane with SP Sports Pics. Thank you, Mrs. Parodi.



Lovisa Nylander (’18), Cedar Ridge

Having your beau on the team can be distracting, but Lovisa’s focus and team-first attitude made here one of the area’s most balanced filmers. Her thoughtful post game mixtape questions showcased journalism career potential – and we hope she continues to pursue it on the next level. To start the season, Lovisa was unsure she’d have the time to fully dedicate herself. Fast forward to today, the Final Four Raiders couldn’t have been luckier to have her in the lead role.  Special shout out to incumbent Sarah Howell (’20), here at the CR mixtapes from their epic 2017.


Lakyn Medrano/Anjelica Salazar (’18), Manor

After a couple of shakey iReporter years, Lakyn and Anjelica took full reigns of Fanstand culture and re-established it among WAMM Nation. Providing some of the most candid and emotional mixtapes of the year, this duo super team was among the best correspondent tandems in ’17.


Anna Bella Budde (’18), Lake Travis

You may not have noticed, but Anna Bella has been contributing to LT Fanstand coverage since a sophomore, working in support of Maddie Davis/Annie Buerk for two seasons. She soared during Spring Camp/State 7x 7 to provide some of our best preseason coverage. Before deciding to focus on off field senior year responsibilities, Anna was well on the way to earning a Huffman Award as a top senior correspondent.

Katherine O’Neal/Taylor Ireland (’18), Hays

The dynamic duo of Katherine and Taylor helped usher in a new era of Rebels – resulting in a 6A bi-district round appearance. Our only regret is simply having them for one season.


Tavian Miles (’18), Hutto

A Huffman Award finalist in ’17, Tavian wrapped up a two-year Hippo correspondent run covering Hutto in the State 5A Regional Semifinals. His Stonebarger Award winning year saw young Miles in College Station, showcasing the Hippos State 7×7 Consol Bracket championship. Hippos incumbent Taylor Valdez (’20) truly learned from one of our best.

Paighton Corely (’18), East View

Being on hand for all ten football games can be challenging, but Paighton’s Patriots spirit had her on the sidelines all Fall ’17. It actually began when she covered EV during their College Station 7×7 run – and continued through a rollercoaster season, nearly resulting in another Patriot playoff run. We’re excited to see what Corely can do on the basketball floor this Winter ’18.  Paighton covered all 10 EV games this year with a mixtape.

Delaney Webb (’18), Elgin

A three year Wildcats correspondent, a young Delaney came into the fold for the 2015 season. Her dedication to covering her Wildcats was surpassed by none, through thick and thin (hot summer 7×7 and cold October’s) on the sidelines filming her Wildcats. Job well done, Little Laney.  Check out her 2017 mixtapes, here!


Julie Robertson (’18), McCallum

Julie finished off her two-year football correspondent career covering McCallum in the State 5A Semifinals. Contributing during basketball and baseball season, we haven’t seen the last of the best Knights iReporter since Adam Freng in 2015.  Special nod and shout to assistant Maddie Doran for her contributions to the Knights mixtapes and photos.


Kalei Engleman (’20), Lehman Lobos

Kalei displayed her high end potential throughout 2017, spotlighted by radio host Chris Sanchez as ‘the best radio correspondent’ of the iReporting bunch. Kalei also chipped in during San Marcos’ area round game in Houston. Her studio cypher session was one of the mixtape highlights of our year – and we’re excited to have two more seasons with this photo pedigree phenom.

Kenzie Fiske/Sydney Park (’18), McNeil Mavericks

Kenz and Sydney did an outstanding job covering the Mavericks on social media while dropping a few litty mixtapes along the way. Another senior duo that we wish we could have under the fold another season.

Kate Connors/Lindsey Thomas (’18), Westwood Warriors

Excelling at photos, Lindsey and Kate brought a new element to Fanstand, telling their playoff story with pictures versus video. Seen on the sidelines never taking a play off – huge shout out to our Warrior Photog duo. Look out for their work during the Spring sport season, too.

Kaitlin Arnett/Bailey Hickman (’18), Bastrop Bears

Kaitlin and Bailey did an outstanding job on social media, radio and video – along with their time rooting from the sidelines as Varsity cheerleaders. Wishing we had another season with these two, its possible you may see them during basketball/baseball season. Stay tuned….