Fanstand ’18: District 25-6A Preseason All District Watch

District 25-6A expands to 9 teams in 2018, so there are a ton of players we'll be watching headed into Spring Camps.

Sure.  Redistricting just happened this morning.  The coaches haven’t solidified the places/times of district match ups.  But we have a solid overview of who is returning, and which teams could make the biggest splash. Its an early look, but here are our first thoughts concerning District 25-6A.

QB: Hudson Card (’20), Lake Travis

QB: Taylor Anderson (’19), Westlake

QB: Trinidad Sanders (’20), Bowie

QB: Bryant Lewis (’21), Lehman

QB: Nick Cagle (’19), Akins

QB: Xavier Martinez (’19), Hays

RB: Kyle Carter (’19), Bowie

RB: Thailand Mayberry (’19), Hays

RB: Coy Fullmer (’18), Anderson

RB: Romeo Brown (’19), Austin High

RB: Nick Villarreal (’20), Lake Travis

RB: Sean Nixon (’19), Lake Travis

WR: Garrett Wilson (’19), Lake Travis

WR: Elijah Higgins (’19), Bowie

WR: Mason Mangum (’20), Westlake

WR: Sawyer Berry (’19), Austin High

WR: Nathan Tate (’19), Hays

WR: Antonio Lopez (’20), Akins

WR: Trevor Marek (’19), Anderson

WR: Penny Baker (’19), Westlake

TE: Jackson Green (’19), Bowie

TE: Jeremiah Byers (’19), Anderson

TE: Bayler Jordan (’19), Hays

OL: Cooper Laake (’19), Bowie

OL: Dawson Weiss (’20), Lake Travis

OL: Blake Webster (’19), Westlake

OL: Chad Wolf (’19), Lake Travis

OL: Brandon Garcia (’19), Hays

OL – Christian Jean (’19), Lehman

K – Gabe Lozano (’19), Westlake

In the tweet below, Lake Travis’ Carter & Drinkwater try to get two teams to agree to play the Cavaliers in non-district.  This is NOT an easy task.

DL – David Neil (’19), Westlake

DL: William Robertson (’19), Westlake

DL: M’Elijah Wesley (’19), Bowie

DL: Kaleb Wenson (’19), Lake Travis

DL: Noe Santos (’20), Lehman

DL: Ethan Dougherty (’19), Bowie

LB: Maui Trevino (’20), Lake Travis

LB – Jake Ehlinger (’19, Westlake

LB: Nick Powers (’19), Bowie

LB: Anthony Miller (“19), Bowie

LB: David Williams (’20), Austin High

LB – Jake Cude (’19), Lehman

LB: Michael Mireles (’19), Hays

LB: Blake Chambers (’19), Westlake

LB: Matthew Peterman (’19), Lake Travis

LB: Lathaniel Valdez (’19), Anderson

LB: Nicholas Chavez (’19), Del Valle

DB: Sage Luther (’20), Westlake

DB – Copeland Gothard (’20), Lake Travis

DB – Adrian Yanez (’19), Lehman

DB – Doak Wilson (’19), Westlake

DB: Kyle Eaves (’20), Lake Travis

DB: Andre Jackson (’19), Anderson

DB: Tevin Wooten (’19), Austin High

DB: Hunter Henry (’19), Lake Travis

DB: Elijah Washington (’19), Del Valle

DB: Marcos Castillo (’19), Akins

DB: Peyton Ludemann (’19), Bowie

DB: Terance Durst (’19), Bowie

DB: Drew Webster (’19), Westlake

DB: Max Foit (’20), Lake Travis

DB: Seth Werchan (’19), Bowie

DB: Davis Ryan (’19), Akins

DB: Tripp Ryan (’19), Akins

KR/PR: Jackson Lord (’19), Bowie

ATH: Tommie Rivers (’19), Del Valle

ATH: Desmond Young (’20), Hays

ATH: Marcus Barr (’19), Del Valle