Realignment Breakdown: 25-6A

Here’s a breakdown on the “new” 25-6A for the 2018-20 UIL Realignment.

Here are the teams in the new 25-6A:

School Previous
Akins 14-6A 2-3 district, 3-8 overall
Anderson 14-6A 1-4 district, 1-9 overall
Austin 25-5A 5-1 district, 7-4 overall
Bowie 14-6A 4-1 district, 8-3 overall
Del Valle 14-6A 1-4 district, 5-5 overall
Hays 25-6A 3-3 district, 4-7 overall
Lake Travis 25-6A 5-1 district, 13-3 overall
Lehman 25-6A 0-6 district, 1-9 overall
Westlake 25-6A 6-0 district, 14-1 overall

The district is mostly a combination of the previous 14-6A and 25-6A, with Austin High making the jump up to 5A.