ATX Girls North Mixtape (Central Texas All Star Game)

A super team comprised of the best hoopers from Round Rock, Liberty Hill, Connally, Westwood and more! The Girls of the North All Star team scored the big win this weekend during the Central Texas All Star Basketball '18 game.

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To winner goes the spoils.  The first of a four part series, we present our Austin-area North team recap mixtape.  Featuring an MVP performance from Kandyn Faurie (Liberty Hill), plus post game with Allyah Beaty (Westwood) and E’Nisha Fowler (Connally).  Also includes highlights from Logan Haller/Brooke Rountree (Round Rock Christian) and more.  Special thanks to the Austin Spurs for powering this event!  This is Central Texas high school coverage ‘like no one else’.