Fanstand ATX ’18 Stonebarger Award (iReporter Superlatives, District Honors)

When we say Fanstand Fam, its because it's a team effort. The following honored are a huge reason we do what we do. The Stonebarger Awards, awarding excellence in Fanstand ATX iReporting through the 2018 season.

The real MVPs.  And by the looks of the returning crew, 2019’s coverage will be ultra-lit.  A huge shout out to all that have helped the Fanstand ATX movement in ’18.




Haley Ohlen (’19), Bowie

Three year Bowie correspondent (’16-’18) Ohlen made her Super Soph debut as the baby sister of Kyle. Haley made a name for herself over the following 2 seasons. Her ’18 collection of mixtapes played out more like a school-wide documentary series.

Audrey Harrisberger (’19), Lake Travis

Thrust into a full time correspondent role midway through junior season, Harrisberger displayed the most growth on any iReporter from start to State Final Four finish. She helped re-define what a Cavalier mixtape looks like, and her influence will be felt for years to come.


Katie Jaillet (’19), Round Rock

A 3-year Dragon correspondent, Katie is far from done with basketball/baseball season ahead. But her influence on Dragons coverage, particularly in the 2018 season, helped showcase RRFB’s return to Statewide prominence.


Emily England (’20), Georgetown

The future 3-year Eagle correspondent has already reached heights no previous GHS iReporter has (high praise considering Drummond Twins Era and Alison Plueckhahn). England’s body of work from spring camps, to 7 on 7, to pre game/in game/post game truly is ‘like no one else’.

Tatum Lavine (’20), Cedar Park

The youngest sister of two legendary CPFB players (Tommy/Tyler), Tatum was a natural fit for one of the most high profile iReporting gigs in Austin. She flourished in Year One, covering a State Area Round run. The best is yet to come from Young Lavine.


Ikey Kohler (’21), LBJ

If we had an overall MVP designation, its quite possible Ikey would take that honor. Rocketing onto the scene as a freshman in ’17, Kohler picked up right where he left off – only to ascend higher. His utilization of social media is helping his fellow Jags find clips that could land them a college offer. Ikey has taken iReporting to the next level.


Makenna Kirklin (’19), East View

Although Kirklin had just one season (replacing another top flight one-and-done Corely), Makenna immediately showcased high skill level during her Summer 7 on 7 debut. Having a natural knack for filming, the Patriots had Top 5 mixtapes each week, despite win or loss.

HUFFMAN AWARD (Top Seniors, 2019)

Abby Forster (’19), Rouse

The sister of former Raider signal caller Michael, Abby became the QB1 for Rouse iReporting after helping behind the scenes in ’17. The only iReporter to full produce her own mixtapes, Raider Nation was treated weekly with a well produced/great looking/thorough recap.

Iza Castillo (’19), Crockett

The younger sibling of a former Cougar player, Iza shined brightly in her one and only season to iReport. Following up 4 year veteran Karisa, Castillo continued Coog correspondence excellence.

Elizabeth Driggers (’19), Dripping Springs

Perhaps our most heart-breaking One-And-Done iReporter of 2018. Liz was outstanding from the jump, providing our sharpest looking mixtapes with her magical lenses. Driggers was on hand from Spring camp, not missing a single game during the Tigers ’18 playoff run.

Rachel Devolder (’19), Cedar Park

A late addition to our team, Rachel came in clutch with senior guidance. Assisting rookie iReporter Tatum, Devolder’s chemistry with the team brought an added layer of trust. Resulting in some of our most personal mixtapes of the year.

MURILLO AWARD (Top Juniors, 2020)

Lauren Saucedo (’20), Westlake

After initially passing on the chance to iReport, our squad was truly blessed to have ‘Sauce’ return and have one of the best seasons. Without the offseason training of her counterparts, Lauren quickly grasped the mixtape techniques, and slayed through the next 11 games.

Sarah Howell (’20), Cedar Ridge

A future 3-year Raider correspondent, Sarah used the skills learned from Lovisa Nylander in ’17, and applied them to a rock star ’18. Returning another season, the leaps she made in mixtape filming will pay entertaining dividends in ’19.

Kate Sparrow (’20), Hays

Sparrow continues to be one of the most dynamic personalities we have in our crew. Following up a quiet sophomore year, she lit up our RPND coverage with her Kate-antics in ’18.

Taylor Valdez (’20), Hutto

Taylor had the most eventful year an iReporter could have. Innocently tweeting game action of her Hippos vs. McCallum in the post season, she captured one of the most vicious hits the State saw in 2018. What transpired after was a story too long for this post. But even before (and after that), Taylor shined for the Hippos. Going into Year #3, Valdez is ready for her best yet.

Kenzi Reina (’20), Round Rock

Kenzi handled the photo portion of RRFB coverage, and came in clutch on social media posts via her Photog blog.

Laney Lyssy/Ginger Baldwin (’20), Lake Travis

Lyssy handled game footage filming duties for a solid portion of her junior season, meaning LT will have a skilled filmer for their mixtapes in ’19. While Ginger juggled Cavalier volleyball duties, she found time to churn out quality pictures that everyone on Instagram enjoyed.

Jazlynn Gamez (’20), East View

Its hard to believe, but in 2019, Jazlynn will become our first multi-year Patriots correspondent since Kenzie Hensley (2014). EVFB is in great hands, after Jazlynn worked in tandem with our 13-5A MVP Kenna during the ’18 season.

Sue Ellen Albrecht (’20), Georgetown

Sue Ellen was the perfect compliment to fellow Eagles’ iReporter Emily, shining with her weekly photos. Her assistance helped Emily concentrate on filming every play – making the GHS mixtapes the most thorough in storytelling.

HATFIELD AWARD (Top Sophomores, 2021)

Mardi McCollum (’21), Vandegrift

The younger sister of former Viper iReporter Cyd, Mardi made a name for herself in 2018 with film and post game interviews. Just scratching the surface, we’re excited to see McCollum’s growth as we head into 2019.

Connor Ellinor (’21), Round Rock

With Jaillet graduating, Connor will shoulder the mixtape filming duties for RRFB over next two seasons. However, what he accomplished as a Super Soph should be hailed, handling postseason shooting duties in ’18.

Abby Wheeler (’21), Bowie

The youngest sibling of two former Bowie QB greats (Preston & Matthew), Wheeler proved that Dawg Pack coverage will be in good hand over the next two years.

CHALMERS AWARD (Top Freshman, 2022)

Mikey Alvord (’22), Vista Ridge

True leader of the new school. Mikey actually debuted Spring semester of his 8th grade year, covering the Rangers during Spring camp. Fast forward today, and Mikey is already one of our crew’s sharpest filmers. With 3 full seasons ahead, the sky is the limit.


Kalei Engleman (’20), Lehman

If we could bottle Kalei’s passion and enthusiasm, we’d be rich. Instead, Lehman Athletics is blessed with coverage riches from one of our top iReporters (regardless of age). Her work on the radio side especially shined on Friday nights. During the game, Lobo fans got the best live updates from Ms. Engleman. We’re lucky to have her back for 2020 season.

BARKER AWARD (Dual Sports/iReporter)

Ashlyn Gordon (’19), Connally

Huge shout out to Ashlyn for shouldering the load of Cougars coverage in ’18. We are hoping to see her shine on the turf this Spring, as she returns to the Connally girls’ Soccer team!

Annie Stadthaus (’20), Vandegrift

Part time District 25-6A Volleyball MVP, part time 25-6A star Viper iReporter. Stadthaus gonna Stadhaus. Great job, Annie.

CALLIHAN AWARD (Top Rookie iReporters)

Storie Powell (’20), Weiss

Brought into the fold midseason by fellow iReporter Tayler Valdez, Storie flashed potential in her 1st year as the Wolves’ correspondent. Returning for more in ’19, we’re hoping to see Weiss score their first program dub.

Isabel Labastida (’20), Glenn

Grizstory was made in 2018, and Isabel was there to capture it all. After a rock star junior szn debut, we are stoked to see what Year Two for Glenn Football and young Isabel has in store.

Isabella Dennis (’21), McNeil

Of our late mid-season additions, Bella hit the ground running the fastest. Her work on social media showed flashes of promise, and her radio updates were among the best we had.

Alyssa Leal (’20), Cedar Ridge

Brought on by fellow iReporter Sarah, Alyssa got sound basics down her junior year, with potential for much more going into her 1st full season of Spring/Summer/Fall.


Michelle Ellisor, Lake Travis

While busy shooting for the ever-popular (and growing) @ItsLTFootball on Instagram, Michelle always lended a helping hand when needed. With son Nathan kicking for next two seasons, we’ll gladly take Michelle’s helping hand through the 2020 season.

April Mangum, Westlake

While she is always the first one to deflect praise/recognition, but always the first to help…we’d like to take this moment to say April is one of the best in CenTex. You’ve raised two incredibly gifted sons (Max & Mason).  We are glad you are our friend.

Shannon Klebart, Westwood

Fanstand has always had good luck with parents (the namesake of our parent MVP award originates from Westwood’s Melissa Ravenscroft). Shannon continued that tradition with numerous times helping our 13-6A coverage. Thank you, Shannon!

Michael Bennett, Vandegrift

Our pipe dream is that we can get all 40 of our Austin-area schools’ mixtapes looking as sharp as Vandegrift’s. A huge portion of that goes to Mr. Michael Bennett. While watching his son pick up collegiate offers on the field, he was helping make the VHS videos ‘Vandy Perf’. Brenden’s off to college in ’19, but luckily, we’ll have Mr. Bennett back!!!


Maddy Terazzas & Rachel Ramirez, Cedar Creek

Maverick Walker (’20), Dripping Springs

Emily De la Garza (’19), Akins

Brennan Haralson (’20), Westlake

Gaby Townsend (’19), Pflugerville

Jacqueline Cunningham & Izzy Marie (’19), Bastrop

Gabi Briones (’19), Manor

Coleman Kearney (’19), Hendrickson


Farrah Williams (’19), Hendrickson

Lil Xan (’19), Westlake

Halaina Hackett (’20), Westlake

Devon Arnold (’20), Austin High

Ale Torres (’21), Elgin

Kalista Gibson (’21), Elgin

Malina Hildrago (’20), Del Valle

Betsey Garcia (’19), Stony Point

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