OFFICIAL: 2018 All District 13-6A Football Selections

The coaches of District 13-6A put their collective thoughts together to determine the official 2018 all district selections.  Huge shout out to all that were honored, and a nod of respect to the players who feel left off the list. * denotes unanimous selection  (Last Update: 12/21/18, 10:18 A.M.)

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Ryan O’Keefe (’19), Round Rock
With over 1K passing yards and over 1800 rush yards (41 total TDs, 7 pass, 28 rush, 4 receiving, 2 KR), the Central Florida commit also played DB and returned kicks for the 2018 Area Finalist Dragons. A staple of RRFB since he burst onto the scene as a Super Soph, we will miss watching #4 on Central Texas Friday nights. An MVP Award, well-deserved, Ryan.


Christopher ‘Deuce’ Vaughn (’20), Cedar Ridge
The leadership and value Deuce carries into 2019 are immeasurable, but his on-field accolades added up to a District O-MVP campaign in Vaughn’s first full Varsity season. Over 1900 rush yards, nearly 200 receiving yards (withe limited passing game exposure) and 20+ TDs en route to a 6A Area Finals appearance. D1 bound, looking forward to next season, Deuce.


Spencer Jones (’19), Vandegrift
Racking up 122 tackles in ’18 (98 solo stops, 7 QB hurries, 1 sack, 1 interception), Spencer was indeed the heart and soul of the defense. A Varsity Viper since debuting as a freshman (’15), its been an amazing four years covering #42.

Dru Dawson (’20), Vandegrift

RJ Martinez (’21), Westwood


Gabriel Hunter (’20), Hendrickson


Dawayne Brown (’19), Cedar Ridge


Curley Young, Jr. (’19), Hendrickson


Tyler O’Bannon (’19), Stony Point


Drew Sanders, Vandegrift


QB Zane Kampfer (’19), McNeil

QB Rashad Carter (’19), Leander

RB Marquis Brown (’19), Round Rock

RB Tyler Cleveland (’19), Stony Point

RB Isaiah Smallwood (’19), Vandegrift

TE Garrett Miller (’19), Round Rock

WR Jaylen Ellis (’19), Cedar Ridge

WR Jordan Kerley (’19), McNeil

WR Collin Sullivan (’19), Round Rock

WR Daelan Loyden (’19), Stony Point

WR Ryan Merrifield (’19), Vandegrift

WR Trey Mongauzy (’19), Vandegrift

OL Marcus Bryant (’20), Cedar Ridge

OL Walker Riley (’19), Hendrickson

OL Tobias Campbell (’20), Round Rock

OL Bolten Leafa (’19), Round Rock

OL Matthew Sanders (’19), Vandegrift

OL James Jarmon (’19), Westwood

OL Trey Womble (’19), Cedar Ridge


DL Edge Dillard-Williams (’19), Cedar Ridge

DL Shaylon Roberts (’19), Hendrickson

DL Samuel Latham (’19), McNeil

DL Tim Landry (’20), Stony Point

DL Evryn Smith (’19), Vandegrift

LB Ryan Canfield (’19), Cedar Ridge

LB Clifton Styles (’19), Hendrickson

LB Evan Smith (’20), Leander

LB Cameron Williams (’19), Stony Point

LB Chase Coots (’19), Stony Point

LB Jax McCauley (’20), Vandegrift

LB Nathan Potter (’20), Westwood

*DB Andrew Travillion (’19), Hendrickson

DB Gavin Dunn (’20), Cedar Ridge

DB Keilin Bishop (’19), Stony Point

DB Reese Watson (’19), Vandegrift

DB Tyler Mongauzy (’20), Vandegrift

K Tim Barney (’19), Vandegrift

P Luke Jasinski (’20), Vandegrift


QB Blaine Barker (’19), Hendrickson

RB Adison Larue (’19), Leander

RB Winston Hutchison (’20), McNeil

RB Kendall Thomas (’20), Stony Point

RB Brendan Bennett (’19), Vandegrift

RB Nate Anderson (’21), Westwood

RB Thailand Mayberry (’19), Vista Ridge

TE CJ Ramirez (’19), Cedar Ridge

WR Malik Gordon (’20), McNeil

WR Adam Fogg (’20), Vista Ridge

WR Mohan Hegde (’19), Westwood

OL Jalen Pheonix (’20), Hendrickson

OL Mi’Tiy Carter (’20), Leander

OL Lian Chu (’19), McNeil

OL Erick Arrellano (’19), Stony Point

OL Harry Witt (’20), Vandegrift

OL Jace Chambers (’19), Hendrickson


DL Marley Stevenson (’19), Cedar Ridge

DL Michael Ike (’20), Hendrickson

DL Jarod Ontivaros (’19), Stony Point

DL Harley Peka (’19), McNeil

DL Trevor Harrison (’20), Vandegrift

DL Ethan Brown (’19), Westwood

LB Trinidad Urias (’19), Cedar RIdge

LB Trey Diaz (’19), Hendrickson

LB Ashton Millers (’19), Round Rock

LB JJ Parker (’20), Vandegrift

LB Darien Carter (’19), Vista Ridge

LB Matthew Bentley (’19), Round ROck

DB Justin Santellana (’19), Cedar Ridge

DB Adam Cousins (’19), Hendrickson

DB Jason Powell (’20), McNeil

DB Kobe Sterling (’19), Stony Point

DB Timmy Hanna (’19), Vandegrift

DB Drew Nelson (’19), Vandegrift

K Jack Elliot (’19), Westwood

P Jaiden Victorian (19), Stony Point


QB Jalen Brown (’20), Cedar Ridge

RB Donny Newsome (’19), Hendrickson

RB Timieone Jackson (’19), Hendrickson

RB Donovan Brown (’19), McNeil

RB Mario Debs (’19), Westwood

TE Beau Dawson (’22), Vandegrift

TE Jordan Webster (’19), Vista Ridge

WR Quaylen Lomax (’19), Stony Point

WR Gage Mahoney (’19), Hendrickson

WR Martreveon Burns (’19), Hendrickson

WR Ismael Sanchez (’19), Leander

WR Karson Sohrt (’19), Vandegrift

WR Bryce Jones (’19), Vista Ridge

WR Blake Henke (’20), McNeil

WR Robbie Jeng (’21), Westwood

OL Beau Collins (’20), Round Rock

OL Joseph O’Donnell (’20), Stony Point

OL Ethan Muska (’19), Hendrickson

OL Ross Arroyo (’19), Hendrickson

OL Eric Locust (’19), Leander

OL Bryan Puckett (’19), Leaner

OL Riley Wells (’19), Leander

OL Jackson Oliver (’19), Vandegrift

OL James Collyer (’20), Vandegrift

OL Jose Don Villegas (’19), Cedar Ridge

OL Seth Hendrickson (’19), Cedar Ridge

OL Greer Geracci (’19), Vista Ridge

OL Tanner Owen (’20), McNeil

OL Daniel Lackowski (’20), Westwood

OL Daniel Vasquez (’21), Westwood


DL Isaiah Hernandez (’19), Round Rock

DL Julian Jones (’19), Round Rock

DL Justin Tucker (’19), Stony Point

DL Joseph Barajas (’20), Stony Point

DL Diego Costa (’19), Leander

DL Varun Kalyanapuram (’19), Vandegrift

DL Joseph Hauck (’19), Vandegrift

DL Matthew Graham (’20), Vandegrift

DL Sage Farmer (’19), Vandegrift

DL Akil Chavies (’19), Cedar Ridge

DL Luke Horne (’20), Vista Ridge

DL Aidan Hutado (’19), McNeil

DL Eric Hawkins (’19), Westwood

LB Gabriel Moore (’19), Stony Point

LB Blake Kemp (’19), Hendrickson

LB Kavan Spence (’19), Leander

LB Olivar Marx (’19), Vista Ridge

LB Bryce Christian (’20), Vista Ridge

LB Alma’rie Ezell (’19), McNeil

LB Jaden Wiegand (’19), McNeil

DB Titus Dunk (’19), Round Rock

DB A.J. Nelson (’19), Leander

DB Ryan Arnold (’20), Vista Ridge

DB Ciondre Sterling (’20), Cedar Ridge

DB Emon Allen (’21), Vista Ridge

DB Kellen Janda (’19), Vista Ridge

DB Canon Kromis (’20), Vista Ridge

DB Jakob Carrera (’19), McNeil

DB Kam Colvin (’20), Westwood

DB Zach Hoover (’19), Westwood

DB Conner Cooper (’20), Westwood

DB Demetrius Jones (’19), Westwood

K Ross Hinds (’19), Stony Point

P Seth Hughes (’20), Vista Ridge