ATX RECRUIT WATCH: Cedar Creek Collins Raking D1 Offers

Can we give you a personal take? As humble and understated as Cedar Creek's Alfred Collins is equal to how incredible remarkable and really 'one of a kind' of a talent/personality he is. Collins was offered by powerhouse Alabama TWO WEEKS ago, but Collins just now revealing it. Enjoy him in Austin while you can. He will be a D1/NFL star before you know it.

ATX RECRUIT WATCH: iReporter Rachel Ramiez confirms #CedarCreek DL Alfred Collins (’20) offered via Alabama and Notre Dame!!!

And to be upfront, its breaking news, but not in the literal sense.  The Notre Dame news is new.  As far as Alabama – its the first the public has knowledge of it – but Alfred was offered a full two weeks ago.  Collins is amazingly talented as he is humble.  After some deep digging, here is who all the Eagle star has offers from.

Keep grinding, Alfred (like we have to tell you that).  The sky is the limit, #99.