McCallum Knights Mixtape (Week Eleven v. Reagan)

November 13, 2017

Perfect Ten!  McCallum Football just completed a perfect 10-0 regular season by knocking off Reagan in its Week Eleven district finale.  iReporters Julie Robertson and Maddie Dorn return with another emotionally packed Knights recap mixtape.  [Read More]

McCallum Knights Mixtape: Week Five @ LBJ

September 30, 2017

5-0!  McCallum Football rolls on, with their district opening 25-5A win over LBJ (38-33 win over the Jaguars).  iReporters Julie & Maddie were on the sidelines of Nelson Field, capturing big plays from Alexander Julian, [Read More]

McCallum Knights Mixtape: Week Three v. Seguin

September 20, 2017

3-0! McCallum Football is trucking through the 2017 season, much to the Knights’ fans liking. iReporter Julie Robertson and Maddie Doran were on the sidelines, capturing highlights from Mason Bryant, Alexander Julian and more. Includes [Read More]

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